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February 28, 2012
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   Gamzee looked at his computer screen. He was satisfied.

TermainallyCapricius [TC] began trolling AdiosToreador [AT]

TC: So TaV bRo YoU wAnNa CoMe To My MoThErFuCkIn HiVe ToNiGhT? i'M sO bOrEd. :0|
AT: uHH... fOR WHAT?
TC: To WaTcH a MoViE aNd EaT sOmE sLiMe PiE aNd MaYbE sLaM a MoThErFuCkIn FaYgO.
TC: WhAt Is WhAt?
TC: Oh. SuRpRiSe.
AT: oH. i GUESS. oKAY.
CT: ThAnKs, TaVbRo. ThAt MeAnS aLoT tO mE, cOmInG fRoM yOu. :0)

TermainallyCapricius [TC] ceased trolling AdiosToreador [AT]

   Yeah. that works. Half an hour passed, and Tavros rolled his weelchair in. "Tavbro!" Gamzee called, going over to greet him.
   "Uhh... hi Gamzee." Tavros said as he held up a bag of unpopped "ACT III" popcorn and a large party bottle of Pepsi-cola. "I thought, instead of slime and Faygo, we could have popcorn and Pepsi."
   Gamzee was a bit dissapointed, but smiled anyway. "Sure, Tavbro, but I'm putting slime on my motherfucking popcorn, and I may have a swig or two of Faygo."
"That's fine by me, uhh... bro." Tavros replied.
Gamzee tossed the popcorn in the microwave that he didn't even know he had until Tavros pointed it out. It was hiding underneath used pie-tins, empty Faygo bottles, and a juggling pin. He pulled out a bowl, two cups, and a small pre-made slime-pie. The popcorn cooked for a minute or two, then was finished and the microwave beeped. Tavros tried to take the popcorn out, but when he grabbed the bag he fell forward and hit his face on the counter, then the floor. "TAVBRO!" Gamzee called, while brown blood and tears slowly spilled out of Tavros's face.
   Gamzee picked his unconsius bro up, and pulled the Pepsi off of the counter. He immediately twisted the cap off after laying Tavros on the floor and flopping him on his back. The troll's face was scratched up beyond the point where Gamzee could recanize him. There was Tavros's blood and all over the floor and his face, and his face was almost white. Gamzee dumped half of the Pepsi on Tavros's face to clean it off, but the blood continued to flow. He was also crying, Gamzee realized. This poor little pupa pan.
   Gamzee brought Tavros to his faucet that he also did not know he had, and attempted the put his head under the faucet, but his horns were to big. "What the - Aww, whatever." Gamzee emptied out the Pepzi bottle into the sink, and put it upright under the faucet at an angle. He turned it on, cleaned out and filled the bottle, and dumped it on Tavros's face. He repeted this untill the cuts healed themselfs.
   Gamzee slapped Tavros. He shouted and woke up. "What was that for?" Tavros screamed, some brown tears still slightly rolling dow his face.
   "You fell on your motherfucking face and passed out, bro." Gamzee replied, slightly offended. Tavros has almost never yelled at him.
   "Oh, thanks, I guess. It was probobly stupid to reach for that popcorn." Tavros let out a nervous giggle.
   "Your welcome. Anything for you," Gamzee replied with a slight smirk. He was happy this fight was all over. "At least we still have the popcorn!" He sang.
Gamzee popped the DVD in his laptop. The movie was IT, a movie about a killer clown. He was told it wasn't really all that terrorfying. He had just bought it, and had a hard time getting it because everyone in Wal-mart would stare at him while he went to the check-out line. He hadn't even watched it.
   Tavros opened the popcorn and poured it into the bowl. Gamzee pulled a Faygo out of the fridge. "I figured, since i poured the Pepsi all over your face, we could have some orange Faygo instead."
   "Uhh... I guess." Tavros replied hesitantly.
   Gamzee had no problem whatching the movie, as he has watched so much that was way worse, but Tavros thought otherwise. He was fidgiting through the whole thing. By the end credits, his waist and up was shaking uncontrollably.
   "Are you alright?" Gamzee asked, "You can leave if you want, bro."
   "N-No, I'm fine, B-Bro." Tavros was shaking so hard, he could barely talk. "I-I want to st-stay."
   "Well, that's great, bro. It really is." Gamzee nervously spoke.

   "Well, it's late, and I'm motherfucking tired. Let's get to bed," Gamzee said. He wasn't really tired, as he usually stayed up later than now, eight-o-clock, but Tavros was practically falling asleep in his wheelchair. "Do you want my hive, or do you want to sleep on the floor, or-"
   "I'll just sl... sl..." Tavros fell asleep.
Gamzee chuckled at his bro. How adorable. Instead of going to his hive, Gamzee sat on Tavros's lap, wrapped his arms around his neck, and went to sleep.
   Gamzee's eyes shot wide open and he jumped up. "WHAT!?!" He yelled, afraid there may be something wrong with Tavros.
   "I-I had a nightmare." Tavros cryed, a brown tear flowing down his cheek. Gamzee was relieved that it wasn't something worse. "A scary clown was chasing me, and it killed everyone! Equius, Aradia, Karkat, Sollux, everyone!"
   "It's okay, Tavbro, it was just a motherfucking bad dream." Gamzee said, wiping away the tear. "Go to sleep."
   He began climbing back onto Tavros's lap, when the Tauros troll said, "I can't. I'm afraid I'll have that dream again."
   Gamzee sighed, annoyed. "Well, is there anything I can do to help?"
   "Uhh...Yes," Tavros anwered, "Can you take off your makeup?"
   Gamzee hesitated for a moment. He almost never takes it off, and he wasn't quite sure he remembered how to put it back on correctly. "I guess..." He replied, after some thinking.
   "Thanks, uhh... Gambro." Tavros snifled.
Gamzee went into the kitchen. He pulled out a washcloth, and as he went towords the faucet, his bare feet felt something sticky. He looked down. Tav's blood, he thought with a shiver. Poor guy.
   After a few minutes, getting off every morsel of makeup, and hearing Tavros wimper a few times, Gamzee's makeup was completly gone. He looked in a makeup mirror. His face, usually white with gray, was completley gray. He reminded himself of everyone else. It was wierd, seeing himself like this.
   "Well," Gamzee asked, turning around to face Tavros, "How do I look?"
   Tavros flinched, but then untensed when he worked out what had happened. "Uhh... Good, bro." he stammered, "You look like a- a merical."
   Gamzee smiled. "Well, great." He climbed back onto Tavros's lap. "Now, go to sleep."
   "I guess..." said Tavros, who next yawned, "Goodnight."
   Gamzee smiled.
   "Goodnight, bro."
So, yah. The motavation for writing and idea of putting the movie IT in here was all :iconilovevegeta4eva:'s idea, but the rest is mine.

Part Two- [link]
Part three- [link]
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